Gert Jacobs, owner and brewer (pharmacist turns to brewer), started brewing and distilling on small scale and part time in 2008. In 2013 a new and bigger Brewery and Distillery was built

Our Copper pot still

We use locally produced yellow mealies to produce our MOONSHINE using an old timer's American moonshine recipe.

Jacobs Moon

We sell the MOONSHINE as clear corn whiskey.  We also have a large range of liqueurs using the moonshine as base.

Jacobs Brewhouse

·         All our beer has an alcohol percentage of ±4.3% A/V. and are known for their thick and creamy heads.

A straw coloured pale ale with a hint of shortbread flavours

A Slightly bitter reddish ale fondly called Rooikoppie by our clients, associated with the reddish diamond bearing gravel

A full bodied stout style Ale (only available in the winter)

It is a once off brew on a experimental base and is available from time to time.